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​​Saturday 5 August

Sessions commence 7.15pm (approx)

Saturday night is a showcase of some of the finest Devon-connected artists. Starting with jazz prodigy Izzie Anson, the serene and haunting sound of Velvet & Stone, the melodic country pop of Clara Bond, and ending with the sunshine folk-tinged rock of Ennor.  

Arrive in good time - with fantastic music right from the start!

Izzie Anson (Slot 1)


We are delighted Izzie Anson will be opening the Fringe with her band this summer! 

The prodigious singer-songwriter from Plymouth has amazed audiences with her musical maturity and raw talent.


We first discovered 16-year-old Izzie Anson on BBC Introducing Devon’s Round Table just a few months back performing her new jazz ballard ‘Gone’ which immediately grabbed the ear. Since then things have taken off with live performances on BBC Spotlight and Jamie Cullum inviting her along to open the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.


Velvet & Stone (Slot 2)


We are really chuffed to have Velvet & Stone perform for us with their captivating mix of folk, jazz and blues. 

The foursome who originate from Exeter blend rich vocals, acoustic guitar, bass riffs, keys and sweet violin, to give an original take on a traditional genre. Drawing upon personal stories, melancholy tales and rugged landscapes, they create a serene and haunting sound that is difficult to forget.

"Effortlessly Graceful Twist on Folk Music".

(Rocking Magpie)

Clara Bond (Slot 3) 

Great to have local singer songwriter Clara Bond along with her ‘band of brothers’ to play. A highly accomplished singer, songwriter and performer she has developed a massive following online internationally.

In recent years she has really honed her craft - owning the mic and settling on a form of melodic country pop delivered with great personality and flair. Her band is made up from a very talented bunch of musical friends all from the local music scene and together they produce a great sound and a captivating live show.

“This is classic, perfectly honed songwriting.” 

(Glastonbury Festival Emerging Artist Competition)

Ennor (Slot 4)

Ennor are 4 salty surfboy musicians from the southwest producing high-energy uplifting folk-tinged rock crafted by the sea. 

Evoking summer days on the beach with your mates, their feel-good sound has been likened to the sensation you get when you stick your head out of the window of a moving car with the world rolling by in a hazy but familiar blur. Front man Tom Elliot catches the ear with an emotive voice with distinctive tremolo and a knack for addictive melodies. The perfect finale band to end the night with a big buzz.

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