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​​Sunday 31 July

Sessions commence 7.15pm (approx)

There is no easing off for our Sunday menu... the soaring melodies and masterly live-looping of Richard Navarro, the exciting folk/indie/pop fusion of SLOES, the sparkling Nordic 'mountain pop' anthems of Firewoodisland and beautiful Celtic-tinged alt/folk of The Grenaways.

Arrive in good time - with fantastic music right from the start!

The Grenaways


Really pleased to have salty Cornish band The Grenaways come over the border en-masse to play their beautiful Celtic-tinged alt folk for us this summer.


Based on the rugged north Cornwall coast, their evocative music is heavily influenced by the coast, sea and surf with rootsy songs and nautical tales – sometimes sung in the tradition Cornish language – but always delivered with great emotion and passion. Featuring sweet violin, flute and trumpet and in addition to guitars and percussion the Grenaways produce an exciting full big-band sound.



Richard Navarro


Singer and songwriter Richard Navarro juggles violin, trumpet, piano and percussion to bring to life his original songs in performances that sparkle with wit and creativity. Writing and performing alongside double bassist Nicholas Thurston, Richard is a master of the loop pedal, layering voice and instruments live on stage.


Soaring melodies, swirling harmonies, infectious rhythms and surreal lyrics combine to take you on a kaleidoscopic journey deep into his vivid and melodious world... 


“Finely-crafted songwriting” Joan Armatrading “A wonderful voice” Susan Marling, BBC Radio 2




We were really taken by this exciting new 5 piece London-based band who have elegantly fused together elements of indie, pop and folk.


Characterised by soaring vocal melodies, ambient guitar lines, sweet violin and rousing hooks – Sloes take the best of their eclectic influences to create one unique and a very ear-pleasing sound...



We have all fallen in love with this band from Bristol ever since hearing their beautiful track 'Mole Hills' which was one of our favourites of 2015! 

Led by Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Stian Vedøy they create the most beautiful uplifting anthems which they call 'Mountain Pop'. With sparkling instrumentation and exhilarating 5-part vocal harmonies – it sets on end those hairs on the back of your neck and as refreshing as a plunge in a Norwegian fjord! 



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