​​Tuesday 6 August

Sessions commence at 7.00pm 

Fire in the Meadow.jpg

Fire in the Meadow (Slot 1)


A warm welcome to Fire in the Meadow from Sussex to the Fringe with their Blues-infused Appalachian / Euro folk band . 

Their distinctive blend of gritty blues guitar and drop-thumb clawhammer banjo is drawn from two of the most influential branches of American roots music and should fit our barn setting rather well! 

Bring along your chewing tobacco, spittoons and some long grass to suck on!

The Luck (Slot 2)


Really excited to introduce brother and sister act The Luck to the barn this summer.

London-based Max and Esmay Luck have spent recent years in California honing their sound but are now back in the UK and producing sweet new acoustic indie Americana music with the most irresistible sibling harmonies.

It was this particular track (see link) ‘Holding On’ that first caught our ear and is a real honey…


Whitherward (Slot 3)


A warm Devonshire welcome to Whitherward a US Americana/indie-folk touring group who formed as a duo in Nashville back in 2014. The name itself means "towards what or which place" and is also the band's unique story as they put everything they had into storage and hit the road permanently and living to play music - "we love people who love music. We’ve been compared to a modern-day Simon & Garfunkel or The Civil Wars, with influences of rock, folk, jazz, classical and singer/songwriter."

Hudson Taylor steps.jpg

Hudson Taylor (Slot 4)


We're back on it for Tuesday night starting with some gritty blues guitar from Fire in the Meadow, the irresistible sibling harmonies of The Luck, US touring band Witherward and a 'Special Guest band' (to be announced soon) to finish.

Arrive in good time - with fantastic music right from the start!