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Fringe Sessions LIVE Videos


A selection of our own music videos recorded live at the Fringe: 

Henri Herbert – 'Short Fat Fanny' 

Henri Herbert – 'Talkin Bout the Boogie' 

Tourists – 'Smokescreen' 

Bryde – 'Less' 

CoCo & the Butterfields – 'Queen Under the Mountain' 

Firewoodisland – 'Feast'

Wildwood Kin – 'Listen' 

Haunt The Woods – 'Twisted' 

Will McNicol – 'Emma' 

Sloes – 'Young' 

Flats & Sharps – 'Uncle Pen' 

Little Sparrow – 'By My Side' 

The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra – 'I'd Rather Be' 

Echo Town – 'Be Strong Troop On' 

Henri Herbert – 'Boogie Woogie' 

Flats & Sharps – 'White House Blues' 

Twin Hidden – 'A Berry Bursts' 

Hattie Whitehead – 'Learn' 

SYŁVA – 'Circadian' 

Henri Herbert – 'Don't Know Where I've Gone' 

Boundless Brothers – 'Out of Luck' 

Henri Herbert – 'Pocket Venus' 

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