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​​Monday 7 August

Gates open at 1.00pm. Sessions commence from 2.00pm until 11.30pm (approx)

Artist performance times may vary.

2023: Please note there is an entrance fee to the Monday Marquee Sessions this year. See Tickets/Wristband tab above.

Lee McCombe

14.00: Lee McCombe


Lee McCombe is an exceptionally joyous chap from the south west of England. His music is reminiscent of the golden age of skater punk and he manages to bring that magic to the stripped back medium of the acoustic guitar. Get ready to feel the fizz and kick things off Lee style!

Lily Ballard

15.00: Lily Ballard

Devon-born folk singer, Lily Ballard, draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of her homeland's natural landscape. She delves into a deep well of tradition while infusing her own songs with a subtle contemporary edge. Lily studied under the tutelage of Nancy Kerr and Lauren Kinsella at the Leeds Conservatiore, with mentorship from Emily Portman.

Accompanied by fellow Devonian musician Frazer Kerslake on guitar and bouzouki, together they explore themes of emigration, heartache, and the eternal search for belonging.

Martin Skews

16.00: Martin Skews


Martin Skews is a singer-songwriter and composer from Falmouth, Cornwall. Having written and performed extensively as a folk/rock singer-songwriter throughout his teens, his musical interests and influences gradually expanded to incorporate classical, jazz, world and musical theatre styles. Having worked professionally as a composer and musical director for theatre over the past decade, his own songwriting work has moved into the theatrical and carnivalesque stylistically, with a large scope in regards to production and arrangement, with influences such as Kate Bush, Jethro Tull, St Vincent and the work of Danny Elfman. There is another side to his work however, a more meditative acoustic sound, with a focus on states of mind and themes of nature. Primary influences being, John Martyn, Joni Mitchell, Scott Matthews and Jeff Buckley. Storytelling and potent imagery are at the heart of all his music.

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Jonah Hitchens_edited.jpg

18.00: Jonah Hitchens Band

Back again for another year is the infamous Jonah Hitchens band. Booked of course by the curator of the day.... Jonah Hitchens. Might seem cheeky of him to book his own band for his own day of music, and indeed even cheekier to write his own bio in third person, but give him a chance! Since last year he has released a studio album 'Sunset Circus' which has been very well received and is now available in physical form as an LP Vinyl Record. Jonah and the band have had an extra year of playing the new music now so fingers crossed they are ready to bring the good people of the fringe an unforgettable show! If you would like to get a taste of the vibes to come then the last fringe show was filmed and recorded, check it out here...

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Joanna Cooke

19.00: Joanna Cooke

Motown legend Martha Reeves summed it up perfectly, describing Joanna Cooke as “the baby girl singing the blues". Joanna, much like her South West blonde counterpart Joss Stone, demonstrates that true soul and emotional connection is not simply constrained by colour or creed. Moreover, her self-penned songs leave a lasting impression on audiences, by dint of their raw honesty and song craft.

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20.00: Chagonago

Introducing Chagonago, an electrifying instrumental jazz-rock ensemble. Led by visionary guitarist Ben Milverton, they blend the sophistication of jazz with the raw energy of rock. Their mesmerizing compositions and powerful live performances captivate audiences countywide. With influences from jazz legends and iconic rock bands, Chagonago pushes musical boundaries and creates an unforgettable sonic experience. Get ready to be spellbound by their electrifying sound.

King Cerulean

21.00: King Cerulean

In the land of funk, there was a band so groovy, their music could turn a chicken into a disco queen. They were King Cerulean; a band of interstellar funkonauts on a mission to spread the groove throughout the universe.
Their music was so funky, it could make a black hole shake its booty. They were like a musical tornado, sweeping up everything in their path and leaving nothing but joy and funkiness in their wake.
Their shows were like a carnival on steroids, with confetti, balloons, and unicorns flying through the air. You never knew what was going to happen next, but you knew it was going to be funky.
So if you want to experience the funkiness of King Cerulean, strap on your dancing shoes and get ready to funk out. These guys are the real deal, and they're coming for your soul. 

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The Lovers - banner large.png

22.00: The Lovers of Invention

The Lovers of Invention are a band from South
London, dedicated to bringing Zappa’s iconic music alive to a new
generation. The band attempts to faithfully reproduce Zappa’s original
sound while also exploring the spirit of his live variations.


The band have played sold out shows at prestigious venues such as London's Jazz Cafe and Ronnie Scotts. 

Led by Ben Vize on keyboards, backing vocals and arrangements, the
band also includes:


Jonah Hitchens - Guitar and lead vocals (Zappa)

Adam Chinery - Lead guitar and backing vocals 
Frazer Kerslake - Bass
Zoe Pascal – Drums

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