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​​Monday 1 August

Sessions commence from 2.00pm until 11.30pm

Artist performance times may vary.


14.00: Mat Baker


Mat is a guitarist, a singer/songerwriter and a multi-instrumentalist. His primary instruments are flamenco guitar, bouzouki and percussion. He plays a unique blend of folk, flamenco, jazz and devotional music. His soulful playing and singing are often described as moving and evocative.

Mat performs solo as well as collaborating with a variety of inspirational musicians. He has performed and recorded with a diverse range of bands and musicians including Senegalese Sufi Fusion Band - Bakk Lamp Fall, Kora player Jali Burama Mbye and as one half of Bhavana (Kirtan). He has also worked with Ladysmith Black Mambazo / Soul Drummers and Orishirishi (Island Monkey).

Mat's early years were spent living and traveling through Southern African which inspired a deep love of African music and rhythms.

Reefs of Moonshine.jpg

15.00: Reefs of Moonshine

Made up of Lisa Stork on vocals and Nick Bayes on Guitar. Reefs of Moonshine play mostly original songs written with flavours of Folk, Soul and contemporary country music.

Lisa's unique voice is supported by Nick's understated acoustic style.....a mellow blend.

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Simon Howard2_.jpeg

16.00: Simon Howard


Dousing contemporary folk with pained Americana, singer-songwriter Simon Howard’s delicate storytelling shines amid his effortlessly heart-wrenching vocal. After a secluded Texan summer spent writing in Austin, Howard returned home to record his debut EP.


After his song ‘No Evidence’ featuring on BBC introducing, Howard returns with his latest release ‘Not Like Superman’. 

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17.00: Jonah Hitchens' Selflessly Plugging His New Album

Hello everyone, it's you're good pal Jonah Hitchens here. I know it's a bit cheeky to give myself a slot for a festival that I'm booking. However, I've just spent over 2 years creating a new album that's being released this summer. So I figured that I'd play you some songs from it.

Already released is 'Why Can't The World Just Keep It Funky', and hopefully if all goes to plan my second single 'All You Need' will also be out by the 1st August. The full album, 'Sunset Circus', will be out shortly after the Fringe. It will be an honour to play it to you all!


18.00: Stablefolk

Stablefolk plays warm, tonal music, with a strong sense of home. This contemporary jazz band is fronted by James Pettinger, passionate composer and pianist, who gathers songs and sounds from folk, singer-songwriters, and music that falls between the cracks. They recently released their debut EP, Unspoken Tales, which boasts their organic sound and scope: in the midst of sweeping arcs and epic builds, Stablefolk balances the joyful alongside the melancholy, creating musical moments that transcend genre. Touchstones for this ensemble include such diverse artists as Pat Metheny, James Taylor, Shai Maestro, and Dave Matthews Band – though truly this band forges its own path. 

Aurora Rays.jpg

19.00: Aurora Rays

Aurora Rays is an Italian singer, songwriter and musician inspired by pop/soul jazz and rock.

Aurora's debut Album, ‘I Live In My Own World’  is a collection of songs inspired by events and memories from aurora’s life so far, blending between genres and countries. The album was released November 2021 with Iola and Tank of Music and has been reviewed by Rockit magazine as "An amazing debut album which needs to be listened to".  

She has collaborated with several high profile musicians, including Mik (Italia's Got talent), Eliza G (The Voice of Italy), Andrew McClean (Mark Ronson, Grace Jones), The Panicles, Luca Colussi and many others. Recent performance highlights have included Italia's Got Talent, BBC Radio, JazzInsieme Festival, Valdobbiadenejazz Festival, Gaiajazz Festival Festival, Dolomiti Blues & Soul festival, Sofar Sounds, Mr Wolfs Bristol, More than Jazz Festival, Scenes - USA and Sun & Sounds Festival.
Aurora hold a Bachelor Degree in Jazz Vocals with a First and she is now completing her final year of master in Jazz Music Performance. In 2022 she received an Unconditional Offer to study at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Aurora is now working on her new electronic/pop ep.

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Richard The Fourth.JPG

20.00: Richard The Fourth

Effortlessly blending the genres of RnB, math, jazz and emo with chilling vocals and saturated guitars, Richard The Fourth is the soundtrack to moonlit synchronised swimming with a menagerie of aquatic creatures while uncontrollably yet inexplicably sobbing. For fans of Jeff Buckley, Hiatus Kaiyote, Radiohead and D'Angelo.

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21.00: Clara Bond

The Devon based singer, songwriter and performer Clara Bond has enjoyed a wave of discovery in her music in recent months as she embraces a move away from her country roots to an indie-pop sound. A sound that has been fully utilised in her recent impressive EP ‘Backtalker’ and a clear sign of her musical curiosity that doesn’t allow her to stay in one defined genre space for too long.
She enjoyed a highly successful new era in 2021 with singles such as “Backtalker” and “Wish You Were Her”, and a string of hit live performances including spots at Shebfest and a headline show at The Exeter Cavern and The Courtyard in London, proving the durability of this new look for the singer.
Now, Bond is back for more with her new single, “Misbehaving”, a tune that mixes polished pop sensibilities with stripped-back, rawly confessional lyrics that trace the intense emotion felt during lockdown – a compelling contradiction that firmly illustrates the place she has carved for herself in modern indie-pop. 

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22.00: Big Lava

Big, Hot, Rock... whatever. It's rock for people who don’t like rock.
With their debut LP around the corner, Big Lava are set to captivate crowds across the UK. From the brooding intensity of the alternative, to the grand fist-pump of rock music.

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Jam Funk_edited.jpg

23.00: Funk Jam  

(Hosted by Jonah Hitchens)

Well it went pretty well last year didn't it? There's no better way to end such a great day of music than letting all these great musicians loose on some unadulterated Funk. There's only one rule... 'Keep it Funky'!

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